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It is a privilege to share tools and insights with you from the perspective of experts who are devoted to helping women with PCOS put their symptoms into remission.  The transformational trainings you are set to receive by joining the summit are proof of this.

The PCOS Summit aired from June 25th! The replay period is currently until Monday July 30th at 11:59 am Eastern Time.  You can find it at

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Meet Your Experts!

Aglaee Jacob

Emotional Eating with PCOS: 5 steps to go from feeling out of control to feeling nourished and at peace with food

Angela Heap

Genes, Family & PCOS

Annie Berryhill

Low-Carb and Ketogenic Diets for PCOS Relief: How to Use them to Lose Weight but not Your Mind or Confidence

Ashley Levinson

How TheGurl Next Door Can Make PCOS A Priority

Connie Curtis

3 Gluten Free myths that keep you sick

Dan DeFigio

How To Stop Stress Eating, PCOS & Blood Sugar Control

Erika Volk

Optimal Exercise For A Healthy Pregnancy and Motherhood For Women With PCOS

Dr Felice Gersh

Why the Mouth Matters in PCOS women! Linking the mouth microbiome, inflammation, and nitric oxide!

Fiona Staunton

How to make fermented foods at home & improve your gut health

Dr Gretchen Kubacky

PCOS and Mental Health: Understanding the Connection and Overcoming Mood Swings, Anxiety, and Depression

Hillary Wright

What You Need To Know To Reduce The Impact of Insulin Resistance on Fertility and Complications During Pregnancy

Irene Hogan

Sex, Lies, PCOS And Menopause

Jill Kane

3 Keys to Breaking the Cycle of Weight Loss Resistance

Jimi Sayo


Karen Martel

Introduction to the Ketogenic Diet for PCOS ...Discover your weight loss code!

Katie Bressack

How To Reconnect With Your Body By Going Back To Basics With Food

Dr Kris Sargent

Unraveling the Mysteries of PCOS

Maureen Lake

The Secret Sauce: Sleep And PCOS

Monica Bivas

Why IVF Is Not Always Ncecesary When One is Diagnosed With PCOS

Rebekah Fedrowitz

Food, Stress & Hormones: Using Nutrition to Promote Balance

Sneha Sewlani

Nutrition Dos and Don'ts To Boost Insulin Sensitivity While Fasting

Stacey Foat

“Oestrogen Dominance” Outsmart your PCOS by balancing your Oestrogen

Stasha Washburn

How To Naturally Bring Back The Natural Flow Of Ovulation By Syncing Your Eating and Lifestyle With Your Cycle

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PCOS 2018 VIP Bundle Upgrade
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PCOS 2018 VIP Bundle Upgrade
PCOS 2018 VIP Bundle Upgrade
VIP Access Pass to the PCOS Summit Bundle and Bonuses
Price: $77.00
Price: $47.00

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