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5th Fast Action Bonus - Robyn Srigley's Home Made Acne Mask and Special Offer on PCOS Tea

A special bonus interview with Robyn Srigley, The Hormone Diva.

Although we bottled out at the last minute over doing the interview wearing the face mask, we do get down to the serious business of talking about Acne,  how best to treat it, and Robyn's own home-made remedy for acne management.    You'll receive a pdf download with a recipe for the acne mask

She also introduces us to her latest herbal tea, PCOS Tea.  She explains why she thinks this brew is exactly what women with PCOS need how she came up with the ingredients.

You'll receive this as both video and audio format.



6th Fast Action Bonus - Dr Todd Watts on Parasytic Influences On Chronic Illness

Many people assume that feeling an energy slump during detox is part and parcel of the detox process.  But according to Dr Todd Watts in this interview, the lethargy is the result of toxins released with insufficient preparation to exit the body.

Everyone with a pulse has parasites in their system.  But for some, the parasites can be out of control and contributing to chronic illness.

Dr Todd Watts brings his wealth of knowledge from revering symptoms of PCOS,  Lyme Disease, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, to name a few.

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"Join me and 22 other experts as we discuss the best approaches to maintain energy levels, attention, healthy mental health, and high performance both at home, and in the work place."

Jimi Sayo, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Havening Practitioner

The PCOS Summit Helps Explain

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  • Mineral Deficiencies and how to recognise and address them
  • Handling heavy or painful period while at work
  • Work place Bullying and Body Shaming
  • Eating disorders and PCOS
  • Parasytic Infections And Chronic Illness Manifestations
  • Managing blood sugar levels while at work
  • How To Juice Without Spiking Your Blood Sugar Levels
  • Essential oils to handle stress and emotions
  • Natural Thermal Light Therapy
  • Gut Health and PCOS
  • Handling the Physical and Emotional Scards of Acne
  • Yoni Steaming As a Strategy for Regaining Womb Health and Energy
  • And so much more
  • And this is just this year’s summit!

Last Year’s Summit interviews cover even more indepth discussions on PCOS


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Our Speakers

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Andrea Balazs
Brian Richards
Dr Carolyn Dean
Dr Crystal Jones
Dr Keesha Ewers
Dr Kelly Morrow-Baez
Dr Mariza Snyder
Dr Ritamarie Loscalzo
Dr Sarah Brewer
Isabel Smith
Lauren Sweet
Lorene Sauro
Maria Abbe
Monika Woolsey
Nat Kringoudis
Rachael Pontillo
Rachel Eyre
Rhiannon C Beauregard
Robyn Srigley
Thema Azize Serwa
Tracy Brown
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