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 1. Using Intuitive Eating and Body Wisdom To Decrease Stress In The Work Place - Tracy Brown


2. The Role Childhood Events Play in Chronic Illness - Dr Keesha Ewers


 3. Life After Acne - Maintaining Confidence And Flawless Skin With Healthy Eating and Positive Thinking - Rachael Pontillo


4.  How to Be In Control Of The Flow Of Your Periods - Rachel Eyre


5. Tips To Manage Hirsutism & Maintain Smooth Skin - Robyn Srigley


6. Essential Oils To Manage Stress and Reset Adrenals - Dr Mariza Snyder


7. You Don't Have To Eat My Food To Manage PCOS - Global Nutrition Tips For Women With PCOS - Monika Woolsey


8. Magnesium Secrets - The Missing Piece In The PCOS Conundrum? - Dr Carolyn Dean


9. Parasytic Infections & A Detox Protocol That Restores Mental and Physical Energy - Dr Todd Watts


10. Balancing Mental &  Physical Health For Eating Disorder Recovery - Maria Abbe


11. How To Detox, Fight Inflammation and Reset Your Body - Amie Valpone


12. Home made acne preparation and PCOS Tea - Robyn Srigley

 13. PCOS Power - Feel Good, Any Time, Any Place, Anywhere With Emotional Freedome Technique - Lauren Sweet


14. Easy Choices To Eat And Feel Healthy At Work - Dr Sarah Brewer


15. The Mindset and Psychology For PCOS Recovery - Dr Kelly Morrow-Baez


16. Create A Mindset Sanctuary At Work That Shields Your Body From Confusion - Dr Crystal Jones


17. How Yoni Steaming Changed My PCOS - Thema Aziz Serwa


18. The Aviva Method - A Movement Sequence For Regular Periods And Balanced Hormones - Andrea Balazs


19. Smart Ways to Make Juices, Smoothies and Healthy Options for Balanced Blood Sugar - Isabel Smith


20. Work Related Stress And Its Impact on Gut Health - Dr Ritamarie Loscalzo


21. Hormones, Strategies And Crucial Timings For A Good Night's Sleep And A Productive Day At Work - Lorene Sauro


22. Natural Thermal Light Therapy Impacts All Aspects of PCOS - Brian Richards


23. The Surprising Benefits of Intermittent Fasting In PCOS Management - Nat Kringoudis


24. How Freezing My Eggs Gave Me Fertility Empowerment - Rhiannon C Beauregard

23 expert interviews from the 2017 PCOS Summit on How To Balance Your Hormones and Be Happy, Healthy and High Performing At Work.

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  • 23 pdf transcripts

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1. Andrea Maxim - Skin Care Behaving Badly: How You Can Really Love Your Skin & Halt PCOS

2. Angela Grassi - The Link Between PCOS & Binge Eating

3. Angelique Panagos - The happy hormone evolution: Thriving with PCOS

4. Christina Bertelli - Protecting Vaginal Ecology for Women With PCOS
5. Clare Blake - Womb Massage And Freedom From Emotional and Physical Blocks

6. Dr Aumatma Shah - Treating PCOS With Functional Medicine
7. Felice Gersh - How Bacteria In The Gut Can Lead To The Development Of PCOS Pt One
8. Felice Gersh - How Bacteria In The Gut Can Lead To The Development Of PCOS Pt Two
9. Rebecca Harwin - The 5 Secrets To Successful, Permanent PCOS Weight Loss
10. Elena Wilkins - How A Low Fat, Plant-Based Diet Can Cure Or Reduce PCOS Symptoms

11. Erika Volk - PCOS Exercise Prescription: How a Personal Trainer Fights PCOS
12. Hillary Wright - Diet and lifestyle management of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome - A Nutritionist's Perspective                                                                           13. Kate Davies - Ovulation and PCOS: How To Know When You Are Fertile And Regulate Ovulation
14. Kimberly Rinaldi - How To Manifest Healthy Joy-full Living                            15. Krutika Katrat - What We Don't Talk About PCOS

16. Marc Sklar - PCOS & Fertility. Trying to Get Pregnant with PCOS
17. Maria Emmerich - The Secret Healing Benefits of Keto
18. Mary Goyer - Fertility, Money and Womb Healing For Conception
19. Megan Stewart Domino - Raising PCOS Awareness When No One Else Will
20. Molly Nichols - How to Fall in Love With Your Body and Increase Your Fertility When you Have PCOS By Using the Power of Visualization

21. Natasha St. Michael - Acne From PCOS - What You’re Doing Wrong, And How To Start Getting Results Today
22. Robin Nielsen - Is Your Thyroid Making Matters Worse? 8 Tips to Rev Up Your Thyroid with PCOS
23. Rose Yewchuk - How PCOS Affects Gender and Sexual Minorities
24. Sarah Holland - Why Your Emotions Are Key To Overcoming PCOS - And How You Can Harness Their Power with EFT
25. Sharon Van Wyk - What No One Warned Me About Adoption - Post Adoption Depression Syndrome


26. Sheri Winston - Dealing with Desire - PCOS And The Manic Shifts In Libido
27. Sierra Brashear - Yoni Steam to Heal Your Cycle and Inspire Your Vibrance
28. Wendy Meyers - Toxins that promote PCOS - and how to Detox them
29. Whitney Way Thore - Doing It With The Lights On Even When You Have PCOS

28 expert interviews from the 2016 PCOS Summit on How To Feel Amazing In Mind & Body.

  • 28 Videos

  • 28 Audio mp3's

  • 28 pdf transcripts

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Jimi Sayo, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Havening Practitioner

The PCOS Summit Helps Explain

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  • Mineral Deficiencies and how to recognise and address them
  • Handling heavy or painful period while at work
  • Work place Bullying and Body Shaming
  • Eating disorders and PCOS
  • Parasytic Infections And Chronic Illness Manifestations
  • Managing blood sugar levels while at work
  • How To Juice Without Spiking Your Blood Sugar Levels
  • Essential oils to handle stress and emotions
  • Natural Thermal Light Therapy
  • Gut Health and PCOS
  • Handling the Physical and Emotional Scards of Acne
  • Yoni Steaming As a Strategy for Regaining Womb Health and Energy
  • And so much more
  • And this is just this year’s summit!

Last Year’s Summit interviews cover even more indepth discussions on PCOS


Our Speakers

Amie Valpone
Andrea Balazs
Brian Richards
Dr Carolyn Dean
Dr Crystal Jones
Dr Keesha Ewers
Dr Kelly Morrow-Baez
Dr Mariza Snyder
Dr Ritamarie Loscalzo
Dr Sarah Brewer
Isabel Smith
Lauren Sweet
Lorene Sauro
Maria Abbe
Monika Woolsey
Nat Kringoudis
Rachael Pontillo
Rachel Eyre
Rhiannon C Beauregard
Robyn Srigley
Thema Azize Serwa
Tracy Brown
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