Meet Lauren Sweet

Lauren Sweet is a Cyster who has found peace with her PCOS symptoms.  PCOS arrived with puberty bringing lots of dark body hair, facial hair, irregular periods, rapid weight gain and of course extreme self consciousness, shame and body hatred.  She felt like a freak, unfeminine, disgusting. In the 1970s there was very little information or support for PCOS.  She  was a very angry young woman who refused to feel inferior because she was different.  She became a rebel in her determination not to feel ugly and helplessness, determined to find a way to feel like the powerful wonder woman she knew she was. After ignoring, and hiding and distracting herself with addictions, shocking behaviour and shunning society, she spent the next 20 years looking and finding ways to experience peace, joy and accept herself just as she is.  And she succeeded.

Her driving passion is to enable PCOS cysters to find that same peace and self acceptance so they can lead fulfilling lives, feel confident in the world and find love within and without.

Lauren is an EFT and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner, Shamanic Healer and Astrologer and Artist.  She lives in South Africa in a small coastal paradise, surrounded by natural beauty, creating digital visions and working with clients via skype.

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