Meet Dr. Michael Carmi

Dr. Michael Carmi, MB Ch B, FRCGP, is a retired GP (General Practitioner).  He has always advocated a functional approach to medicine, and even tried to establish a training school for one.  But this was decades ago and the UK certainly wasn’t ready for this then.

He now spends his retirement helping people overcome Post Traumatic Stress, Phobias and chronic illness attributed to traumatic events, using Havening.  Among his many satisfied clients, he can count Jimi Sayo herself, the host of the PCOS Summit who’s done some birth trauma work with him to overcome a phobia of water and swimming.

Dr. Carmi is adamant that the National Health Service of the United Kingdom would save a fortune if it would introduce Havening as a recognized therapy.

His retirement is punctuated by international  travel with his wife, Louise Carmi, a State Registered Nurse, and Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner, and Licensed Havening Trainer.

Their daughter, Debi, is also a Havening practitioner.  The family that havens together, stays together!

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