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A celebrated author and sexuality educator, Sheri Winston CNM, RN, BSN, LMT is the author of the award-winning Women’s Anatomy of Arousal: Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure and Succulent SexCraft: Your Hands-On Guide to Erotic Play and Practice. Women’s Anatomy of Arousal has been called “the most comprehensive, user-friendly, practical and uplifting book on women's sexuality I have ever read” by the educator and author Dr. Christiane Northrup. It won the coveted 2010 Book of the Year award from AASECT (the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists). Since its September 2014 launch, Succulent SexCraft has been garnering rave reviews and achieved #1 status among books about sex on Amazon. It’s a practical guide to becoming an erotic virtuoso and masterful lover.

As the founder and executive director of the Center for the Intimate Arts, Sheri offers empowering entertaining erotic education for men and women, in-person and online. Sheri’s classes are renowned for their integral perspective and broad range of knowledge, as well as their comfort, humor and transformational potential. Her classes cover a wide range of sex-related topic imaginable, including orgasmic abundance, the anatomy of arousal, sexual techniques, erotic communication and relationship skills.