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Natasha St. Michael is a Certified Health Coach, specializing in helping women clear up adult acne by adopting a healthy whole food diet, balanced lifestyle, and a gentler, more natural approach to skincare. Natasha's passion is to get you so healthy that your skin clears up, and glows with radiance.

Since 2009, Natasha blogs about diet and natural health on her websites Raw Radiant Health and Radiance Central, and she recently launched her newest website, The CLEAR SKIN Essentials.

Natasha offers Telephone Coaching, as well as a wide range of online programs including a 7 Day Juice Fasting Program, 7 Day Raw Food Cleanse, 7 Day Whole Food Challenge, and her latest, Acne Causing Health Foods Video Masterclass.

Natasha lives in Bali, Indonesia with her husband and daughter. She’s currently creating a 60-Day Acne Solutions eCourse dedicated to helping women clear up adult acne through a holistic approach to diet and skin care