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Mary Goyer, M.S., is a holistic fertility, pregnancy, and birth specialist supporting couples wanting to be parents. She draws upon her traditional training in marriage & family therapy and her specialty in holistic, mind-body techniques to offer a new way of approaching fertility & birth. Her approach, first used to heal herself of cervical cancer, is effective at dissolving stress, healing the grief/trauma of previous miscarriages or abortions, identifying & healing the subtle sources of physiological tension that doctors can’t diagnose -- and makes it easier for couples to get pregnant.

Mary supports women/couples who are dealing with a range of challenges: hormonal imbalances, “infertility", pregnancy loss, relational difficulties, sexual trauma, birth trauma, postpartum depression, anxiety & stress, etc. She works internationally with women and their partners to create an individualized holistic fertility plan, clear reproductive imbalances, increase the body’s receptivity, and step into parenthood from a place of connection, confidence, & peace. Learn more at and