Jimi Sayo's Gift For All Over Relaxation

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This is a passive progressive relaxation.   It is going to cause intense relaxation and take your focus from your external environment to your internal.

Please do not listen to this recording while driving any kind of vehicle or operating any machinery.  It is designed to relax you, both in body and mind, and is not advisable for when you need to stay alert.

A great time to listen to this might be last thing at night.  You can also use it for a break in the middle of the day to get yourself energised.

The technique used here is passive progressive relaxation, recommended because it improves circulation throughout your body.  By improving your circulation, especially if you find yourself spending hours hunched in the same position without movement, you improve the digestive system, hastening the supply of nutrients into your body cells.

A further benefit of the passive progressive relaxation technique is that the deep breathing exercises your respiratory system, distributing more oxygen to all parts of your body.  This aids natural detoxification as it improves the disposal of fast from body tissues.

Add to this the natural calm that this form of progressive relaxation brings to both the mind and the body, and you can experience comfort, and relief from anxiety, without using medication.

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