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Felice L. Gersh, M.D. is one of only a small number of fellowship trained integrative, Board Certified gynaecologists in the nation. She blends the best of the world of natural and holistic medicine with state of the art functional and allopathic medical treatments, creating the greatest chance for women to maintain and regain their health.

Because of her extensive knowledge of the complex inter-relationships of the body's organs, she recognizes the need to investigate all aspects of health, always working to re-establish a healthy gastrointestinal tract, evaluate and eliminate environmental toxicants, ensure adequate sleep, good mood, great nutrition, high energy, and balanced hormones.

Dr. Gersh received her undergraduate degree from Princeton University, her medical degree from U.S.C. School of Medicine, and did her residency at the prestigious Kaiser Hospital, Los Angeles.

An award winning physician, sought after national lecturer, and medical advisor to multiple world class companies, Dr. Gersh exemplifies all that a world-class integrative gynaecologist should be.

She is an expert advisor on PCOS to Open Source Health Inc.